Travel Time

Travel Time

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video so I thought I would put this together.

How many of you travel as part of your job? Do you have a plan to get home should you become stranded?

I always keep the tank in my rental car 3/4 full so I can get at least 300 miles closer to home should the airlines go down.

I check my bag so I can bring a few extras that I would not be able to if I carried my bag. It’s extra money but to me it’s worth it. Plus my company pays for it most of the time.

You can easily carry a stainless steel water bottle with you. The stainless steel allows you to boil water in it to purify. Just fill it with a water fountain after you make it through security at the airport. You can also carry water purification tabs.

You can carry a box of power bars or a few MREs if you have the capacity. Throw a tarp flat on the bottom of your suitcase for shelter. I also always have at least two paracord bracelets on my or strapped to my pack.

When you get to your destination pick up a few lighters to stuff in your bag. You can pack a small bag of dryer lint in your bag as fire starter.

A few silver coins may be wise to barter for fuel or a ride…

This is just my first thoughts. There is much more you can do to prep for that long trip home should you become stranded. Post your ideas below.

Thanks for your patience and I hope to get the videos going soon. Life is just crazy busy right now.

Thanks for watching.



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