Drive Time Ep 10 Are You Ready For Evac

Drive Time Ep 10  Are You Ready For Evac

Colorado is known for its wild fires. The Recent Black Forest fire destroyed thousands of acres and over 500 homes.  If you get that call or knock at the door saying that you have 15 minutes or less to evacuate do you know what you would grab? What’s important to you? This is not something that is just a prepper thing. EVERYONE needs to be prepared to evacuate.                                                                                                                                                                 .


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TRS Prepping is geared toward a family oriented way of prepping on a budget and has created some great videos.  They preach how to use your funds wisely to get your family prepared in small stages.  TRS Prepping wants you to have your family prepared for whatever life can throw at you.  Prepare Strong has many of the same thoughts and philosophies when it comes to prepping and this is why we wanted to partner with TRS Prepping.  Feel free to post your comments and be sure to subscribe to TRS Prepping’s You Tube Channel.

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