Stockpile Shopping List

Stockpile Shopping List

I’ve had a few friends tell me they’re not sure how to get started or what supplies they need to have on hand in case of an emergency and they asked me to create a list of items they need to have on hand.  So I created two lists with them in mind.  There are many alternatives and your preferences will dictate the items you buy.  I’ve tried to create these lists to provide a 30 day stay in your residence.  Be that a home, apartment or condominium.  All of these items were found at my local grocery store, for one stop emergency supply shopping.  The prices listed below are the non-sales price at my local grocery store and I am sure you could do better on prices with sales and coupons or at a bulk store.

Most of these items have a long shelf life, but you will need to keep an eye on the expiration dates.  The best practice is to store some emergency food items your family already enjoys and make them part of your food rotation.  When items are nearing their expiration dates, use them or donate them to a food bank.  A food bank will quickly distribute the items for use.

There are some items on these lists that I do not enjoy but are necessary in an emergency situation, like powdered milk.  I don’t care for the taste of powered milk, but in an emergency situation it will do just fine.  Another is canned tuna, just not a favorite of mine.

This article makes a few assumptions:

  1. You don’t cook or are unable to cook due to power outage or safety.  You live in an apartment and by law, are not allowed to have a BBQ grill and/or a portable generator, so these items you can eat without heating.  Won’t taste great, but we’re talking emergency survival here.
  2. You cannot leave your home to resupply for 30 days.  Think quarantine or civil unrest.
  3. The power is out.
  4. Your water is off.
  5. You are trying to save your water supply for things like drinking and sanitation.
  6. I’ve made this list with one stop shopping in mind at your local grocery store.  So you have no excuses about store hoping.

The items suggested below are part of your emergency survival food storage not part of a low carb diet or Paleo diet.  I focus on products that require no refrigeration or a heat source to prepare.  I know eating cold soup is not fun, but in an emergency situation you can do it.  In extreme situations the odors from cooking food could make looters aware you have supplies.  Not trying to scare anyone but these are the realities of survival.  Use your best judgment.

I created this list for one large male adult who likes to eat, that would be me.  If you have additional family members or want to carry extra supplies in case a neighbor stops by, multiply the quantity per person column of items by the number of persons you need to support.

I’ve gone for a variety of choices, so you don’t get bored eating the same things over and over.  You don’t need to go out and buy everything on this list in one shopping trip, but you need to start your stockpile.  I suggest when you see an item on sale or a BOGO (Buy One Get One) you stock up.

Obviously if you have electricity and or running water your options are unlimited and you can expand your pantry.  However, this list was designed to support you with no electricity or running water.

Here are two lists of items you should have on hand.

Products purchased from Prepare Strong list contains items from both the Prepare Strong website coupled with items you can buy at your local grocery store.  This list is slightly less expensive and offers the benefit of your food stores having a 20+ year shelf life and requires less storage store with a grab and go bucket added bonus.  However, it is more difficult to customize the inventory to your preferences.

The grocery store list contains items found at your local grocery store and allows you to custom build your selections.  There are several draw backs here; shorter shelf life of food stores, no grab and go option, requires more storage space.

My opinion would be to have a combination of both list and extend your stockpile beyond a 30 day stint.

Prepare Strong Shopping List – This list cost about $940.  Grab and Go options with less storage space required.  Limited food selection.

Grocery Store List – This list cost about $1050.  Wide food selection options.  No Grab and Go option.  Requires more storage space.


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