Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag

Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag

A Bug Out Bag (BOB) is a small lightweight bag with just enough gear to get you home safely or survive for up to three days if you need to abandon your vehicle or leave your home or office in hurry.

Everyone must determine what to pack in your BOB based on personal needs. Practice using your BOB to ensure you can be comfortable carrying the weight and determine what items are necessities versus a want.

When assembling your BOB, imagine you are hiking for a long weekend and will return home after the trip. Keep in mind, your BOB is not going to support you for weeks on end in a TEOTWAWKI scenario. While a lighter and smaller BOB affords easier movement, DO NOT sacrifice quality for size/weight.

Basic items to build a BOB:

 Backpack – LC-1 or “Alice” is a great field pack. Black, Green or Brown in color.
 Water Bottle – Nalgene or another brand with a wide mouth
 Water purification system and tablets
 Food – Freeze dried or other ready to eat meals. Beef or other meat jerky. Nuts. Granola or power bars. Hard Candies. Powdered Gatorade. Keep 5-7 days’ worth in your BOB as you are likely to burn more calories than usual while on the move.
 Tent – 2 person, 3 season minimum
 Tarp – Green or Brown in color.
 Sleeping Pad and Sleeping Bag – Rated for -20F minimum.
 Large mosquito net
 Mosquito head net
 Sunglasses
 Paracord – 50 feet minimum
 Backpacking Stove and Fuel
 Titanium cook pot/cup
 Large Trash bags – Five minimum
 Handkerchiefs – 3 minimum
 Fire starting supplies – Magnesium bar, lighter and waterproof matches. Yes, all three.
 Travel Sewing Kit – Heavy duty needle and thread, extra safety pins and buttons
 Hand Sanitizer
 9 hour candles
 Poncho
 Notepad and Pencil plus Sharpie marker
 Gloves – Workman
 Leatherman Tool
 Superglue
 Extra ziptop Bags
 Set of Clothes – Especially if you work in an office wearing a coat and tie. Rotate your clothes at least once a month to ensure they still fit and function.
o One pair of sturdy boots – Broken in.
o One pair of long pants (not blue jeans)
o Two pairs of socks (wool not cotton)
o Two pairs of underwear
o Two 2 Shirts (1 long sleeve and 1 T-shirt)
o One Jacket – warm and waterproof
o One baseball cap and one wool hat
o One thick leather belt
 Extra Shoe Laces
 Length of rope
 Camp towel
 Hand Crank flashlight and AM/FM/Weather emergency radio
 Headlamp flashlight – extra batteries
 Fishing line, hooks, sinkers
 Deck of cards – Can help pass the time.
 Knife
 Carabiner – have several attached to your bag.
 Emergency whistle and compass – tie both to the outside of your pack using carabiners.
 Maps
 Binoculars – smaller the better
 Adjustable (folding) saw or survival chain saw
 Pocket Survival Guide
 Medium sized RED flag. You may want to get noticed at some point.
 Signaling device – Mirror.
 5 cable zip ties
 Duct tape
 Extra mobile phone battery – fully charged
 Toiletries
o Toilet paper – In a plastic ziptop Bag
o Pack of Baby Wipes
o Toothbrush and toothpaste
o Dental floss (great for tying things)
o Shampoo
o Soap
o Razor
o Feminine/sanitary products
o Tissues
o Allergy Medicine
o Aspirin
o Diapers and Baby Supplies – If needed
o Spare Eye Glasses
o Spare Contacts
o Spare Contact Solution
o  Spare Contact Holder
 Cash –keep no less than $200 in your BOB, in 20’s. If you need a tow or a repair, maybe some lodging. Remember, cash is king.
 Weapon and Hostler plus Ammo – 100 rounds minimum

While this list is rather extensive, once everything is put together in a LC-1 or “Alice” pack, it should fit well. Get to know your BOB by spending a weekend with just the BOB to determine which items are most useful as well as any additional items you may need.

Prepare Strong

Prepare. Survive. Live.


  1. i have added a collapsible stock 22 rifle w/scope for small critters/

    retired law enforcement and swat team commander, your info is so valuable, thanks

  2. Ralph Field

    Bob I would think a retired SWAT team commander would carry something with a little more punch. Just ribbin ya a bit. I carry a Keltek 2000. Its a folding .40 cal rifle.

    Here’s the link: http://www.keltecweapons.com/our-guns/rifles/sub-2000/

  3. Very funny Ralph, have plenty of uh larger items, the 22 is for squirrels rabbits ya know. Owned a water survival company, til i sold it in jan of 2012. Have the copywrites to the manuel about offshore survival etc. thanks for all the info..

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