Welcome to Prepare Strong

Prepare Strong is a disaster and emergency preparedness website dedicated to helping everyone get prepared by providing how-to articles and top quality products at very reasonable prices.  Your family’s safety, as well as our own, is our goal.

Ask yourself these basic questions.

  • How long can I live without shelter?  What could I eat?  What is safe to drink?
  • How safe will my family be during an emergency situation?
  • Can we leave our house and where will we go during an emergency situation?
  • Do we have enough supplies to last through any disaster?
  • Can I protect my family and supplies during a disaster where folks are hungry and looting?

If you don’t know the answer to these very basic questions this site has the answer.

Every family, every person should have a quality disaster survival kit or an emergency preparedness kit somewhere close by in case the unimaginable happens right now.  By just being prepared or knowing what to do in an emergency can save your life or the life of someone you love.  To survive you need the proper equipment and you can find that equipment in our Store by simply clicking the link in the menu bar above.

Out in the real world any emergency or disaster situation could happen at any time without warning or notice.  You’ve seen it time and time again in the movies, buildings are crashing down, and everyone is just running, but running where or they are too scared to move.  Don’t be one of the unlucky one’s who didn’t prepare or don’t know what to do when an emergency situation happens.  Read a few articles, buy a few products and get yourself prepared.  This site will help you Prepare.  Survive.  Live.

Our blogs and articles cover a wide range of disaster and emergency preparedness topics that should be on everyone’s mind.  While we cannot cover every possible scenario, we are trying our best to cover the topics you want to read about.   Send us an idea for an article or better yet write one and well post it free of charge.

Welcome to Prepare Strong.  Our motto:  Prepare.  Survive.  Live.